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[05 Oct 2001|06:10pm]
Dude. DUUUUUUUUUDE. That's SO wrong.
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[05 Oct 2001|01:54pm]
Holy fucking shit.

$21 in tips today. Between three people.

Yay for money! Tully's is cool.
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[03 Oct 2001|12:47pm]
Anyone have any advice for someone with overbearing parents who refuse to accept that, yes, you ARE a big girl, and you CAN think for yourself, and they need to fucking accept that?

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[03 Oct 2001|11:42am]
[ mood | angry ]


thank you.

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[03 Oct 2001|11:36am]
[ mood | drained ]

I am skipping class because

I have a million and five things to do
and I haven't done them


I haven't done my assignment for the class

So this week
(the week of Oct. 1st)

will be my

"I am going to kick myself in the ass and get into a work mode"


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[01 Oct 2001|08:45am]
i fucking HATE living at home.
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[30 Sep 2001|09:20pm]
[ mood | angry ]

customers need to stop bitching at me for no goddamn reason, some people at work need to stop acting as though i'm some retarded newbie who has no clue whats going on, and if my room is messy, who gives a flying FUCK?! you don't have to live in it! why do you give a flying rip!?

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[30 Sep 2001|08:52pm]
The Best Insult EVER:

"You're going to have to be good in bed because you're terrible at the dinner table."


I loves me some Weakest Link.
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[28 Sep 2001|11:51am]

Okay, so I just got these flowers believer to me. Problem is, I have NO FUCKING CLUE who they're from. Arghghghghgh... The flower place doesn't have any information, and the card isn't something my parents would write, and my boyfriend would say "i love you". URGH.

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[28 Sep 2001|08:44am]
[ mood | tired ]

My theme song issssssssssssssssssssssssss... (drum roll)

Walking On Sunshine

Your upbeat approach to life makes "Walking on Sunshine" the perfect anthem for you. We can see you dancing down the vegetable isle with your grocery cart, smiling at all the checkout clerks. We sure hope you've had your Wheaties to keep up with your perky pace all day long. This happy, horn-driven tune carries you to work every day. And even in those brief lapses when you're not fully on your game, "Walking On Sunshine" seems to put things in perspective and get you back to your super groove. "And don't it feel good?" Who cares that this tune was a one-hit wonder for Katrina and the Waves? Even that quality matches your one-of-a-kindness. You're walkin' on sunshine and spreading it wherever you go.

Yay for me, I'm 19. Err, its too early.

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[27 Sep 2001|08:58pm]

"Africa, as we all know, is a big country.. Madagascar is an island off of --"

"Its also known as a continent to some geographers, Drew!!"

{from whose line is it anyways?]
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[27 Sep 2001|09:03am]
My boyfriend likes Unbreakable,

I fear for him.
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[26 Sep 2001|10:39am]
[ mood | embarrassed ]


I forgot.

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[25 Sep 2001|09:06pm]
20% off at the Gap.com = Shopping. Wee.
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[25 Sep 2001|08:30am]
So, I really have nothing interesting to say. But I promised I would write a real lj thing, not those wonderfully wonderful one line... things. Yeah. Because, those get annoying.

SO! I worked last night, from 5-9, with my nose all stuffy and my head pounding, and it was SO GODDAMN BORING because there were maybe two customers at a time in the ENTIRE STORE all night. Dull, dull, duller. And I was HUNGRY, mind you. Yes. And I should be getting my paychecks on Friday (WHICH IS MY BIRTHDAY, YAY, YAY, 19YEARS OLD!), and since I haven't gotten ANY in about a month, I should be getting five hundred dollars on Friday. Peachy keen.

And I got my Tori tickets, and I am so so so excited and cannot WAIT for November because that's when the Boy comes up and we are going to see Tori and I MISS HIM. (run on sentences much, Deena?)

And and and and... I don't know what else to say. I need to clean my room (I say that a lot). I need to write college essays (even though that is a DULL DULL thing to do), and I need to actually STUDY.

(STUDY?! whats THAT!? HA! Me, study. Good one.)

And there really is not much more to tell. I need to call Tully's Coffee, because they still haven't called me back regarding when I should start (and I WANT TO MAKE COFFEE). I need I need I need, I want I want I want. That's all I say.

Ha, okay. This is turning into a rambly thing, and seeing how its 830am, I shouldn't be too surprised.

I leave you with this:

moo i licious (7:35:34 AM): i JUST woke up bitch
YeahDartmouth (7:35:39 AM): ew why?
YeahDartmouth (7:35:46 AM): its 7:38!
moo i licious (7:35:47 AM): ew because its 735am
YeahDartmouth (7:36:19 AM): ew wake up earlier
YeahDartmouth (7:36:26 AM): i get up like at 845ish
YeahDartmouth (7:36:31 AM): so wake up at 545ish
YeahDartmouth (7:36:37 AM): and talk me through the mornin

Yes, yes.
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[23 Sep 2001|08:28pm]
I am sick and I promise one day I will write a real entry, not just a one line thing.
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[22 Sep 2001|07:30pm]
This makes me sick.
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[22 Sep 2001|07:08pm]
I'm scared.
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[21 Sep 2001|09:58pm]
i'm a barista, baybe! says:
ally mcskinny needs to eat something
END OF GANDE!!!!!!!!! says:
Nah, she donated all her food
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[21 Sep 2001|09:13pm]
I <3 U2.

Yes, yes.
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